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A DIY Workshop and Fabrication Studio

Volunteer Opportunities for MacGyver Academy

Hours: 9am to 8pm Fridays and Saturdays

Currently we are in the startup phase of our project.  Our volunteer opportunities are primarily comprised of tasks that will raise funds to build our facility and ultimately support our mission. 

We are currently only accepting volunteers over the age of 18

Phase 2

Phase 1
Start up 

1.    Helping with electronic waste drives
             a. Collecting items at drives
             b.  Sorting items
             c. Stocking items
             d. Labeling and pricing items
2.     Repairing collected items

3.     Harvesting, identifying, and labeling usable parts from items

4.     Online customer service/ Dealing with listings on eBay
            a. Identifying items
            b. Determine items value
            c. Photographing items
            d. Basic photoshopping
            e. Writing a short description of items
            f. Posting items

5.     Packaging and mailing items after they’re sold

6.     Helping at the brick and mortar store

7.    Woodworking and furniture building

8.    Helping to build and market original novelty items from recycled parts

9.    Helping to design lesson plans for future students
           a. General safety lessons
           b. Beginner courses on how to use tools and equipment
           c. Open source learning; what it is and how to do it
           d. How to build signature MacGyver Academy novelty items
           e. How to list items on eBay
           f. How to identify and sort parts

10.  Help with promotional materials and events

1.   Helping to enroll participants, ie. traveling to schools and giving talks

2.  Teaching mandatory introductory courses in safety and basic tool operation

3.  Teaching participants about customer service while eBay listing and working in the brick and mortar store

4.  Teaching students how to process, repair, and harvest donations

5.  Acting as a guide/mentor at self organized learning environments (SOLEs)

6.  Monitoring safety and behavior at SOLEs

7.  Creating and teaching Master Class workshops related to our mission

8.  Acting as a chaperone on field trips, ie. electronic waste drives, competitions

MacGyver Academy is tax-exempt nonprofit corporation organized under Internal Revenue Code 26 U.S.C. § 501(c)(3) that renders service to the community and its residents.

Volunteer’s Application

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List Special Skills:
Why do you want to volunteer at MacGyver Academy?
You must complete three 3 things:
  1. Online Application (above)
  2. Liability Release 
  3. Media Release

You must download the two interactive PDF release forms and fill them out on your computer. (DO NOT SIGN)
Print both copies and bring them to your initial interview, you must sign them in person.

If you do not have access to a printer, email the (unsigned) completed forms to  we will print them for you.

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