MacGyver Academy
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A DIY Workshop and Fabrication Studio

Our Vision

MacGyver Academy
Our proposal to address electronic waste overload and STEM education is to create a state of the art facility that raises social awareness, provides our local youth with a productive and fun place to spend time, promotes 21st century skills, and utilizes Self Organized Learning Environments (SOLE’s).
The space will be a fully equipped interactive workshop where members can explore, learn, build, innovate, and MacGyver in a safe and supportive environment at no monetary cost. The reason we’ll be able to offer this is because we plan to utilize others unwanted electronics as a constant revenue stream.  This will help community members dispose of their trash in good conscience, improve environmental conditions, and provide a unique learning opportunity for young students.
Although our program will be free of charge we strongly believe requiring students to earn access to the facility by volunteering their time performing activities such as helping at e-waste drives and then disassembling, sorting, identifying, and marketing collected electronics for our MacGyver Academy Store will provide tremendous benefits for them.  Our intention in doing this is to teach adolescents business fundamentals, life skills, responsibility, and work ethic.  Further, these types of volunteer opportunities will also serve as informal lessons in electronics.  There’s nothing like deconstructing and handling an item’s individual parts to understand how it functions as a whole.  

Macgyver Academy
Our ideal demographic is comprised of kids who tear their toys and household appliances apart to satisfy their curiosity in discovering how they work.  However, we also hope to inspire students who do not currently have an interest in STEM subjects to realize how exciting these fields can be.  Our goal is to create a work study environment where learners can master STEM while simultaneously practicing social responsibility, and honing the entrepreneurial mindset often necessary for a successful career.
All students will be encouraged to register; however, we’re putting a special emphasis on the importance of enabling at-risk and underprivileged students to attend MacGyver Academy.  We understand that many parents from lower income neighborhoods cannot pay the costly tuitions existing STEM programs often charge.  We also know the tools and materials children need to explore their inventive ideas or pursue hobbies such as robotics are often unobtainable and we intend to help improve this deficit.