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Why Carry a Caddy That Just Makes Change?
When You Can Carry a Caddy That Holds It All!

The Carry All Caddy is a Cocktail Tray Organizer
Designed by Cocktail Servers for Cocktail Servers.

Work more efficiently than ever with Carry All Caddy's unique patented design! 

Simply insert straws, napkins, coasters, pens, stirrers, lighters, cigar cutters, lipsticks, cash, coins, chips, and more into this handy and space-efficient cocktail tray organizer.

The Carry All Caddy has two removable insert cups. You can separate your cash from your change/chips and transfer them into a larger container without disturbing other items inside the caddy.
Make change faster by utilizing the reversible insert section with a shallow end specifically designed to hold up to four dollars in quarters..

The alternative to the cumbersome flip top caddy...

   Small and Lightweight
Takes Up Less Space Than a Cocktail Napkin
   Removable and Reversible Insert Cups
Make Change Easier and Faster
   Sanitary and Easy to Use
Keep Straws, Stirrers and Napkins Separated from Cash

   Keep the Weight of Your Tray Down
Quick and easy transfer of heavy money to help maintain a lower tray weight.
   Time Saver
Eliminates many extra trips when customers request items such as additional napkins or straws.
   Handy Universal Design
One design for right or left handed servers.

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“Takes up less space than the
traditional caddies on the market!"

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Price: US $14.95

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