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Currently many of the top jobs in the U.S. are posted by employers who need to fill positions with individuals who hold a degree in science, technology, engineering or mathematics. Unfortunately, they increasingly find themselves with a shortage of qualified American applicants.  Due to this America’s public educators have been putting more of an emphasis on these areas.

Though this effort has yielded some results the facts still remain that according to the most recent scores from the Program for International Student Assessment, which is taken every 3 years by 15 year old students, America ranked 27th in science and 35th in math.  This test also revealed problematic gender gaps with American males outperforming females in STEM subjects.  Further, the poor scores of underprivileged minority students in this assessment were troubling.  Everyone doesn’t agree on the cause, solution or even if there truly is a STEM crisis. However, in our opinion as far as the Program for International Student Assessment scores are concerned, everyone should agree America can do better.
In the spirit of taking action and becoming part of the solution to a problem that concerns us, we’re throwing our hats in the ring with a current goal to work with our local educators, parents, businesses, corporations, politicians, and like minded individuals to create an after-school program and interactive facility that assists STEM education on a local level. 

America ranked 27th in science and 35th in math.