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A DIY Workshop and Fabrication Studio

Why the Phoenix?

Angus MacGyver was employed at a fictional research and development center called the Phoenix Foundation.  The clever creators of the show chose this name because of the legend of the Phoenix.  In Greek mythology a magnificent bird with a lifespan of 1,400 years dies by crashing and spontaneously combusting into brilliant flames.  From this process it’s born again, rises up from the ashes, and flies toward the horizon to embark on a new life. 

This inspiring concept of renewal symbolized by the Phoenix is an integral part of our program. Like special agent MacGyver our participants will take objects nearing the end of their useful live's and give them a new purpose.  Perhaps along the way some may also begin to imagine a new direction and purpose for themselves. We’re eager to see what rises from the proverbial ashes at MacGyver Academy!